Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness and team building

Bike blending is a laugh-out-loud, fun and healthy team building exercise - in fact, we challenge ANYONE to ride a smoothie bike without cracking a smile!

Sweet Pedals bike blender drink stations are available to hire for your office, outdoor work site or campus, giving you a stress free, fun filled and rejuvenating experience. We will help you promote health and wellness amongst your valued staff, colleagues, students and peers.

Smoothie bikes facilitate team building by giving everyone the opportunity to bond over a fun activity, choose ingredients and pedal together. Time restrictions and judging of the most delicious drinks can also be added to the experience.

Hello happy colleagues!

Give everyone the chance to de-stress and take on board valuable, lasting impressions about positive workplace culture and the importance of self-care. 

The Sweet Pedals experience rewards all participants with a nutritious and delicious self made smoothie. Perfect for your workplace, office or uni campus wellness event, any time or day and any time of the year.

So how does it work?

​Sweet Pedals provides:

* A Sweet Pedals crew member to stay and staff your event attracts an additional hourly rate. 

Select from the range of hire packages available or use the enquiries form to ask for a quote tailored to your event.  Check out our useful FAQs and if can't find something that suits, please use the enquiries form and we’ll be happy to work out something tailored to your event.