School Incursions

Engaged, active and healthy kids

Sweet Pedals provides a unique incursion activity based around positive food choices, education, sustainability and most importantly - fun!

Inspire them to create

The Sweet Pedals experience opens up a dialogue around experimentation and discovery. We believe when you combine simple things in different ways it provokes curiosity.

Be it designing a new smoothie combo, a sustainable technology design or giving students the chance to pedal for their juice, they’ll be inspired to create.

Fun facts:  

Curriculum outcomes

✅ Health and Physical Education 

✅ Design and Technologies 

So how does it work?

​Sweet Pedals provides:

* A Sweet Pedals crew member to stay and staff your event attracts an additional hourly rate. All Sweet Pedals staff have current Working With Children Clearance. 

Select from the range of hire packages available or use the enquiries form to ask for a quote tailored to your event.  Check out our useful FAQs and if can't find something that suits, please use the enquiries form and we’ll be happy to work out something for you.