How will you make your next event memorable?

Sweet Pedals bike blenders are the unique and amazing way to bring people together. Our super photogenic, laugh-out-loud, pedal powered drink stations inspire healthy fun your audiences will remember.

Our smoothie bikes bring together highly relevant themes around sustainability, nutritional health, physical activity and emotional wellbeing. So give us a spin and see what happens.

Frequently Asked Questions
Check out our useful FAQs and if can't find something that suits please use the booking/enquiries form and we’ll be happy to work out something for you.

What kind of smoothies can I make?

Take a look at our recipes page for some inspiration!

Most soft, fleshy fruits blend well into smoothies. Bananas, watermelon, mango, avocados and berries work especially well. Although frozen fruits and ice make great additions to bike smoothies, we don't recommend adding more than 1/2 cup of frozen ingredients at a time as the pedals can be too hard to turn.

What do I need at my venue to successfully host a smoothie making event?

Choose a flat, even and solid surface to set up the bikes. Allow plenty of space, ideally 1 metre clearance, around each bike. 

Clean running water and somewhere to wash the blending jugs out between uses is essential.

Shade or protection from the elements when needed is also a good idea.

Other useful items include

Can kids ride the smoothie bikes?

The standard sized bikes can be easily adjusted for both adults and kids, depending on their size.

We do not recommended children under 6 years of age operate the standard sized bike. Children of all ages should be supervised at all times by a responsible adult when operating the bikes.

Are there any safety issues to be aware of?

The blender bikes are very safe to operate under normal conditions.

We recommend a responsible adult supervises blending activities at all times and that spectators stay at least 1 metre away from the bikes whilst the pedals are in motion.

Follow normal food hygeine practices when preparing food and using the blenders. Wash out the blender jugs with warm, soapy water and rinse clean between each use.

Bikes must be placed on firm, flat ground, preferably under shelter.

Never use the bike in rainy, windy or very hot conditions.

Never use the bike under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Always use your own discretion regarding your fitness and state of health before attempting to ride a blender bike.

What are the insurance and licensing requirements for hosting a public event?

If you are hosting a bike blending event for the general public you, or your organisation, will need public liability insurance that covers entertainment activities and the service of food and beverages to the public.

Sweet Pedals equipment is fully covered by Public and Products Liability Insurance - however, this does not cover your service of food/beverages, your venue's facilities, or any other activities occurring at your event.

Depending on where your event is taking place, you may also need to apply for a Temporary Food Service Permit and/or Event Licence from the local Council where your event will take place.

How many smoothies can be pedalled in an hour?

It takes roughly 30 seconds of pedalling to make a smoothie, however in general people are having so much fun on the bike they like to take a few minutes over each ride!

A pitcher can also hold up to 2 servings of smoothie - depending on how big you like your serves.

Generally when planning, a good conservative estimate is to allow for up to 10 rides per smoothie bike, per hour - or 50 smoothies per bike for a day-long event (with 5 hours of actual pedal time).

Where are you based and where do you deliver to?

We are in the beautiful southern suburb of Blackwood, Adelaide in South Australia and will deliver/collect the blender bikes as part of a hire package within a 30km radius.

We can deliver the smoothie bikes anywhere else within Adelaide's metro area, as well as to rural areas in the Adelaide Hills, Barossa, Fleurieu Peninsula and surrounds. Please use the enquiries form to get a quote for delivery to these areas.

How do I pay for my hire package?

Fling us a few details on the booking enquiries form and we'll contact you soon after with details of how to secure your booking.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and direct bank deposit.

​If you cancel 7 days or more before your event date, we will refund all payments, less 10% of the total cost of hire to cover administration. If you cancel less than 7 days before your event date, we will refund all payments less 50% of the total cost of hire. ​

How does your composting service work?

Simply let us know at the time of your booking if you would like to take up our free composting service and we'll take care of the rest!

We provide you with compostable refuse sacks and foldable crates. During your event, discard any compostable fruit scraps and cups from your smoothie making activities into the refuses sacks provided and we will collect these at the time of equipment collection. 

Unfortunately we are only able to take compostable waste produced by your smoothie making activities, and not any other additional waste from your event.

Please only use the compostable refuse sacks provided. Please do not contaminate the compostable waste with non-compostable items such as plastics and metals.

You can read more about what happens to the compostable scraps here.

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