Parties, Weddings and Special Occasions

Sweet Pedals is a unique, super photogenic, laugh out loud, memorable party experience. Stand out as the host with the most!

Host a drinks station for your event like no other. Smoothie bike blenders cry out to be photographed, videoed and shared online. Enjoy incredible drinks, the best party photos and an amazing, memorable experience for the people you care about.

Sweet Pedals bike blenders will add that something different and entertaining to your wedding, birthday, backyard garden party and special celebration, helping you set the scene for an unforgettable event.

So how does it work?

​Sweet Pedals provides:

* A Sweet Pedals crew member to stay and staff your event attracts an additional hourly rate. 

Select from the range of hire packages available or use the enquiries form to ask for a quote tailored to your event.  Check out our useful FAQs and if can't find something that suits, please use the enquiries form and we’ll be happy to work out something tailored to your event.